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Milwaukee’s healthcare employers have clear workforce needs.

Milwaukee’s healthcare employers have clear workforce needs.

Planning for the future can, without a doubt, be a challenge, but for those of us who have vision, planning is exciting!  Good planning allows us to be prepared with choices to meet the challenges of change especially where we have little control of the changes to come. Those of us who work in health care recognize the workforce challenges hospitals face today and based on the workforce trends and indicators, these challenges predict greater challenges in the future. We know that failure to plan for the preparation of an adequately trained healthcare workforce can have serious adverse impact on the economic viability of our communities—the core of which lies with the quality of health care.
Hospital employment continues to remain strong. While many industries have experienced loss or, at least, wide variation in numbers of jobs and employees, the number of full-time equivalents employed in hospitals has trended on an upward path for at least the last two decades.  

Hospitals, clinics and nursing homes are an essential part of the infrastructure of any community and the healthcare systems are among some of the largest employers and contributors to Wisconsin’s economy.

The divergence in the supply and demand of the workforce will continue to be a challenge for employers.

The divergence in the supply and demand of the workforce will continue to be a challenge for employers.

The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development forecasts a 13.68% increase in skilled healthcare workers will be needed by 2022 to meet the job demand in Wisconsin.
That’s 447,375 workers!  With projected workforce shortages and looming workforce challenges, where will we find them?

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Job openings in healthcare occupations will grow faster than in any other group of occupations through 2020

Georgetown University Center on education and the workforce forecasts of educational demand through 2020

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