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Healthcare Workforce

Healthcare Workforce

Find Your Future in Healthcare

Find Your Future in Healthcare

The “healthcare workforce”can be made up of any person who provides direct patient care or supports patient care delivery. This includes more than doctors and nurses, and also includes many other traditional job occupations such as other clinical careers, clerical, service and business careers.

In Wisconsin, healthcare systems and hospitals are among some of the largest employers in the state. In 2015, Wisconsin’s healthcare industry reported it employed more than 100,000 workers in hospitals. While many industries have experienced a loss in the number of jobs and employees, Wisconsin healthcare employment continues to remain strong and the growth indicators project the healthcare industry is on a path to overtake manufacturing in the next year as the largest employing industry in the Midwest.

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BY 2020 National labor growth projections indicate that direct care workers will be the largest occupation group in the United States.

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